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Jan Day, photographer

My gardening background starts about 20 years ago when I rented a small house with a couple of perennial gardens. When I bought my current house, there were a few gardens, but mostly lawn. I added a greenhouse onto my garage and started plants from seed. I now have a lawn full of flower gardens and have just recently started to cut back.

Photography is something I've enjoyed since being in the 4-H project. I've always been artistic and as part of my graphic design minor in college, I took several photography classes, shooting and developing film and making prints.

I am what I call an "interruptible gardener". There must always be time to pick up the camera and shoot something that catches my eye. Therefore, I don't get much done some days. I am a color freak, love to work with, create, and see bold color.

In my gardens, I experiment with different combinations, using foliage color along with flowers to accent a display. A nature lover, attracting critters to the gardens is also something fun and challenging.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website.
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